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Location: http://www.sun-linker.com/attendance-machines/
Bio: Product Name:Smart Attendance machine
Product Function:Smart Attendance machine for time and attendance management, through the 2G network upload attendance data to the cloud, the user can use the phone access to employee attendance data in real time. Has been widely used in factories, schools, office buildings, residential property, financial systems, telecommunications systems, military systems, hotels and other occasions
Product Size: 120.0mm*78.0mm*28.0mm
Product Features: Real-time data, intelligence punch, simple, intelligent statistics, attendance data at any time check, free software to install, easy online management, USB interface can plug the camera to realize image storage and transmission, monitoring a variety of abnormalities punch and emergencies
Using Scene: Smart Attendance machine can be widely used in companies, factories employee attendance, school students from school to school and so on. Using the Internet cloud services and big data attendance background analysis for management staff consolidation late, leave early, overtime, leave, etc. to provide valid data
Specifications: 2G Support Mobile, China Unicom 2G
Support USB
Support WeChat remote monitoring
Installation Notes: Connect the network cable, plug in the power outlet, install the back hanging hole, flush mounting screws in the specified location, the alignment holes, the smart Attendance machine is suspended on the mounting screws
Product Type:Intelligent Office
R & D capability advantages
A\Hardware capabilities |Antenna design debug
RF antenna, from design to product testing, antenna simulation, a variety of equipment to detect performance: spectrum analyzer, scanner, signal generators, network analyzers
B\Software Capability
Embedded software programming software coverage, Android / iOS system integration, production test software programming, virtual instrument test programming capability
C\Rich module experience
Design & production module FOR GALCON, Flying Branch, Skyworth, Haier, Lenovo, TCL
D\Cloud platform to build maintenance capabilities
Fusion IOT, smart home business cloud intelligence, a large data carried services, open cloud platform Safe, efficient, reliable, flexible
E\Customized service capabilities
Embedded software development capabilities, Wi-Fi drivers and application software design, development and maintenance
F\Replay learning ability
After the end of the project, the project team do project review.
G\FAE capacity
Leading for customers design, customer technical guidance and technical training products, such as Lenovo, TCL,Huawei, Haier cooperation
H\The ability of project management
From the product development stage to mass production, process monitoring project progress, optimize the design verification, through the maturity analysis and feasibility analysis promptly correct design flaws, to reduce the adverse MP caused due to poor design.
I\The ability to develop quality control
perfect DQA test system, complete laboratory equipment to ensure product quality pre-develope
Production device
Test System
Warehouse Management
1.electronize storage managerment,stock materials be pricise positioned and FIFO princeple be carried out under the help of ERP systerm and barcode systerm
2.Electronic components ESD well protected and MSD managered
3.Three-dimensional physical storage locations,saved space and clear view of stock material
Advantage:presice stock materials data, effective FIFO, scientific management of ESD and MSD
Quality control
1.IQC, inspection every lot of materials according to GB/T2828.1-2012 standard AQL=0.4,ensure material quality
2.IPQC/OQC,1 IPQC 1 line, be responsiable of product quality control,check according to checklist in the QC chart ;OQC be responsible for complete product, check according to standard GB/T2828.1-2012,AQL=0.1,make sure product quality
3.Dusun lab,complete set of testing equipment,be responsible for product realiability test,ensure reliability
complete and macture quality control systerm, ensure product quality effectively
Inspection device
Deqing Dusun Electron Ltd. was founded in 2005. Dusun is a wholly foreign-owned enterprises, with registered capital of $ 5.1 million, and annual sales of 180 million RMB. Dusun is the solution provider and manufacturer of intelligent control terminal, wireless module (including Bluetooth, WIFI, ZIGBEE),Internet and IOT products.
The company's headquartered (manufacturing center ) is locating in Deqing, Zhejiang, and a R & D center in Wantong center, Hangzhou. Dusun is conveniently located in the Yangtze River Delta economic circle, only 30 minutes drive from Hangzhou, and 2 hours from Shanghai.
Hangzhou R & D center is capable to provide overall solution from the underlying hardware, embedded software and application integration, and has established a close and strategic partnership with the chip (sensor) companies, universities & research institutes and industry customers, formed the ecosystems from product to customer .
Deqing manufacturing center is equipped with complete hardware facilities, production and testing equipment, automatic detection systems, ERP systems, PLM systems, Qlikview data systems, and bar code materials management system. It takes quality leadership as a strategic approach, responsible for the results as the company culture, to occupy the market initiative.Attendance machine
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