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Location: HANGZHOU
Bio: Product Specification
Frame Materialaluminum
Product Weight19.8 lbs,22 lbs/9kg,11kg
Weight Capacity300 lbs/136kg
Seat Width16"-20"
Seat Depth18"
Overall Length41"
Overall Width22.5" - 26"
Overall Height 36"
Folded Width12", 14"
Front Wheel Size6"
Rear Wheel Size8”,12”
Upholstery ColorBlack
Upholstery TypeNylon
Product Description
Unlike standard folding manual wheelchairs, the Strongback wheelchair by Strongback Mobility conforms to and supports the natural and healthy lumbar curve of the spine thus preventing the user from slouching forward and squeezing spinal discs with a tremendous amount of unhealthy pressure - decreasing this pressure results in healthier discs, a stronger back, and long-lasting comfort while seated.
Traditional wheelchairs are uncomfortable to sit in – even for short periods of time. The poor posture caused by the lack of lumbar support in the chairs cause discomfort and often pain.
The ergonomic curved back supports the natural lumbar curve of the spine for comfortable, upright, and healthy posture.

Product Features
Curved back supports the natural lumbar curve of the spine
Seat angle aligns the pelvis for proper posture
Compact foldable design
19-22 pounds (depending on wheel size)
easily fits into the trunk of your car
Swing-away detachable footrests
Footrests can be moved from in front of the chair for ease of entry and exit
Footrest can be easily removed entirely
Velcro straps make it easy to adjust backrest to each individual’s needs
Desktop length armrests allows user to get closer to/under desks and tables so you can do more when sitting in your chair
Available in two frame sizes
Smaller wheels are lighter
Larger wheels are heavier, but easier to push anywhere—especially good for outside or on uneven terrain

About US
Foshan Wuahi medical Technology company being known as a responsible medical equipment manufacturer in China, shared a desire to serve patients, families, and caregivers by offering a wide selection of innovative rehabilitation products like hospital bed, wheel chair, rollator and patient lift. To be a reliable vendor Wuahi medical will continuously provide superb customer service, and value-oriented discount pricing for the supports!

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