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Bio: Key: high pressure brine pump

Over view
DMC mutistage high pressure casing pump ISO 13709/API610 BB4, Pump inlet and outlet are vertical upward. Multi-level structure is adopted. The balancing drum automatically balances the axial force. SKF rolling bearing is adopted at both ends and special mechanical seal structure is adopted to effectively overcome the problem of halogen scaling. Double phase steel is used for pumping over - current material to ensure corrosion of brine for 20 years.

Capacity: up to 1600 m3/h
Head: up to 800 m
pressure: up to 18Mpa
Operating temperature: up to 180 ˚C

1/Intake Pump
2/Booster Pump
3/Brine Pump
4/Cleaning + Flushing Pump• Strained/unstrained juice

Standard material options: ASTM A890 3A,ASTM A747 CB7Cu-2,ASTM A532 IIIAPump suppliers
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