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Bio: Product Sizes:
Range of Our Products:
a.) Cream Jar
b.) Lotion Bottle
c.) Airless Bottle
d.) Pill/Powder Bottle
e.) Plastic Cap
f.) Other Cosmetic Packaging
Can be filled with water, lotion, cream, BB cream, liquid foundation, oil, condensation and other relatively thin cosmetics.
Product Features:
1. Vacuum bottle design is more convenient and beautiful than usual pressure bottle, it is easy to clean.
2. The advantage of the vacuum bottle is not waste any cosmetic, can press out all cosmetics, will not cause skin care products waste.
3. Effectively cut off the air to prevent pollution.
Full fill lotion or cream, piston will raise up when you press the pump.
If the gradient color cosmetic twist airless pump lotion bottle caters to your requirement, welcome to buy the high quality products with us. We're one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, also offering you the customized service.plastic airless bottle manufacturers
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